Kristen & Josh | Holiday Valley Wedding

Holiday ValleyEllicottville, NY 


Kristen & Josh's wedding at Holiday Valley's Yoddler Lodge in Ellicottville was a fall mountainside day at it's best.  The rustic peak lodge.  The crimson red trees.  The aisle made of crisp burnt orange leaves.  It was fall y'all.

Our couple defined an outdoorsy duo in love, with the most adorable little ring bearer played by the part of their son.  Kristen's sense of being in the moment and Josh's ease to just enjoying the day really let us capture the environment that was surrounding them through it all.

When we get an all-in-one location to play with, we like to have fun with a first look.  Josh's anxious emotions were so sweet to watch as he would see his eeeeek'ed excited bride with a tap on the shoulder and a swift turn.  Viola.  There she is.  The Woman In The White Dress Moment you've been dreaming of for years and years.  (But not really because it was a gorgeous shade of champagne!)  His smile said it all. And hers answered right back.

We then hiked a bit up the slopes sans snow to document the rich palette of autumn.  We love it when you can literally smell fall in the photos.  Take a deep breath.  See??  We took our time with the day.  Had a bunch of laughs along the way, especially at Kristen rocking her Croks underneath the wedding dress to not spoil those fabulous blue shoes.  The sun was absolutely beaming full force for two thankful souls who deserved every second of its glory.

Kristen & Josh's outdoor ceremony underneath the picturesque Champagne Sundeck was everything they wanted it to be.  With the fireplace roaring behind them giving off just the right amount of heat as the air chilled with sunset, their friends and family witnessed a ceremony full of confessions of love and warmth too.

To the newlyweds, thank you for inviting us into your close circle of family and friends this day.  We know you have to spend a lot of time with us from early coffee starts to late toasting finishes, but love the feeling like we're just another guest that's been to a great party by the end of the night.  Your trust in us was evident in your images, and we cannot thank you enough for that.  We wish nothing but the best to you and your little family, made up of truly good people in the world.  Cheers to many more decades of love and happiness!!



PHOTOGRAPHER: Vita Bella Photography

FLORIST: Swan Street Florist

CAKE: Dessert Deli

DJ: Toy Brothers