All About Fun and creativity

Jessica Dolly here. Props to my younger self as a former engineer, who fell in love with digital technology. But more props to my newer (much hopefully cooler) self for rocking a wedding photography career since 2011, based less upon the technology and more about my love for telling your wedding story through said awesome digital gear. The endless wedding cake supply is also a serious perk.

As for my style, I know what it's like to get married. You spend months planning for all the moving pieces, and let me assure you the day flies by within hours that seem like minutes. I am here to freeze it all for you. I like to capture the sense of the buildup of the day, the small details of your wardrobe all the way to the centerpieces on the tables that give it that special touch, and the raw emotion that you two will experience while saying your I Do's. I like to keep things real with portraits, do that laughing your face off thing like I promised, and include any eye-catching architecture around. And to top it off, if we can boogie with camera in hand next to Uncle Bob at the reception in order to get the candidness of the dance floor, then I’m a happy camper.  

P.S. If your wedding is at a llama farm -- super bonus points in my book.


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