All About Fun and creativity


Andrea and Jess here. Props to our younger selves for becoming BFF's on the Lewport soccer fields as kids, oblivious to the sweet futures we'd create for ourselves long past the grassy fields of Niagara. 20 years later...we're still teammates and best friends. But this time, owning a business together and blossoming as Buffalo portrait and wedding photographers.

And absolutely soaking in every single minute of it. We've fallen in love all over again with this waterfront Western New York land (and Orange Cat WAY too much) -- with real pride for the light this community brings to our backgrounds. We'll support our Bills no matter what (you know what we mean). Forever fans of the Lower Niagara River. And can we get an amen for our beloved Spicey Pickle burrito haven that we allow into our on-the-go lives sparingly, but willingly.

As for our style, we know what it's like to get married. You spend months planning for the little details, and it all flies by within hours. We like to capture the sense of the buildup of the day, the small details of your wardrobe all the way to the centerpieces on the tables that give it that special touch, and the raw emotion that you two will experience while saying your I Do's. We like to keep things real with portraits, and include any eye-catching architecture around. And to top it off, if we can boogie with camera in hand next to Uncle Bob at the reception in order to get the candidness of the dance floor, then we're happy campers.  And if your wedding is at a llama farm -- super bonus points in our book.


Be sure to fill out the Contact Form on this website if you're ready to create some wedding art! If you're undecided, still feel free to use the Contact Form as a reach out tool, and we'll be sure to send some specific details of what our service includes. Hope to hear from you!